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What is and what services do we offer? is a Nigerian real estate website. A platform where Agents/Land owners meet with Home seekers and buyers.


Is an estate agency?

No. We are a passionate online property platform providing details of homes listed for sale/ rent by estate agents, developers and property owners, to enable users access them.


Does charge commissions for listing?

No. We understand what it takes to find or market a good home quickly, and have thought it should come at no additional cost.




To sell or rent on;

  1. Click the Create listing button
    • (For mobile phone users, click the image avatar by the top right and click Create listing)
  2. Register as an agent, agency, Land owner, etc.
  3. go to the LIST PROPERTY tab and fill the form as required.
  4. Upload the pictures of the property.
  5. Click the List icon, or save and return later.
  6. Sleep and wait for calls



As a buyer or tenant, you do not need to register on to find the right property for you.

  1. Enter your desired location and click on SEARCH. A display of all the available properties within your desired location will promptly appear.
  2. In case you have specific preferences for your dream home, Click ADVANCED, fill in your preferences and click SEARCH.
  3. Click on a Property of your choice. We would give you more details about the property, including pictures, location, and other vital information about the Agent/Seller.
  4. You will get the information of the seller
  5. Smile and follow-up your purchase.

Please note that you can follow up more than one agents at a time.


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